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Carbon Fiber Saxophone Necks


Custom-made high-quality saxophone necks, made of top quality carbon fiber and water-resistant epoxy resin coated with ultraviolet-light-resistant polyurethane, are designed by musician/engineer Antoine Lefebvre and Zen Composites. For any wind instrument, composite materials may replace copper to produce stiffer, lighter and shock resistant bodies, which may be particularly attractive for large brass winds and saxophones. A fabrication process based on machineable wax for the development of prototypes or water-soluble mandrel material casted in CNC machined mold for production runs allows the fabrication of arbitrary shaped tubes with precise inner dimensions and smooth finish, which are requirements for proper operation of wind instruments. The determination of the geometry is calculated with acoustical simulation tools and may be tailored to the specific needs of existing or new instruments to greatly improve intonation and response. Prototypes of carbon fiber composite alto saxophone necks have been successfully built and blown.




Alto saxophone neck: 750$

Tenor saxophone neck: 850$


The geometry of the neck of the saxophone greatly influences the tuning of an instrument and must, therefore, be adapted to each specific model of instrument. Any order must specify the instrument brand. Intonation of the instrument can be modified through small modifications.


Please contact us for further information: Antoine.lefebvrezencomposites.com



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