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ZENLam Software


ZENLAM is a web-based software that allows for basic stress and failure analysis of composite laminates.  It has the ability to enter any material, laminate layup and loading case and performs a ply-by-ply analysis.  Changes and calculations are performed instantaneously for rapid design iterations.  Calculations are based on Classical Laminated Plate Theory (CLPT) and includes analysis of both plate and beam cross-sections.  Thermal and moisture-induced stresses are also included (based on steady-state conditions).  User-friendly interface makes use easy and intuitive. No installation necessary since it is a web-based application.




  • Laminate layup editor

  • Materials catalogue or build user-defined material properties

  • Load editor (in-plane, bending, thermal, moisture loads)

  • Laminate property analysis

  • Layer-by-layer stress and strain analysis

  • Failure analysis using Maximum Stress, Quadratic and Hashin Failure Criteria

  • Design Safety Factor results

  • Rapid turnaround for re-design

  • Optional beam cross-section editor

  • File saving and sharing capability

  • Full report generation capability

One-year subscription: $599

Free three-week trial period available upon request


Please contact us for further information.


More screenshots of the software are available below.

ZENLam Laminate Editing Module


Three Composite Failure Criteria are available Hashin Criterion shown here


Beam cross-sections can be designed


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