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Zen Composites can participate in the development of composite products, from initial design, prototype development, right up to the production tooling stage.  See the Analysis section for our finite element analysis capability. CAD software is used in the design stage as well as CNC machining software.  We have used various materials (carbon, Kevlar, fiberglass and natural fibers) in prototype development.  See the Mold Design section for our capabilities in mold development for manufacturing.




Prosthetic Foot

Low-cost prosthetic foot for use by amputees. The use of composite materials such as fiberglass, combined with a unique design, allows for easy manufacturing and assembly of the foot, thus keeping costs low.  The design and concept of the foot were made by Sebastien Dubois, Industrial Designer.






New Design for a Carbon Fiber Hockey Stick Blade

A hockey stick blade and the mold required for producing it. This blade incorporates novel material in its interior construction.


Broomball Stick

A tapered carbon fiber shaft is used in the design of a carbon fiber broomball stick.




A lightweight and reliable design for a boomerang can be produced with repeatable results using carbon fiber.





Race Car Wheel

Wheel design for FSAE class race car. This two-piece design is made from carbon fiber composites, which greatly reduces the weight of the wheel while providing sufficient stiffness and fatigue resistance.




Design of a Carbon Fiber Crank

An all carbon-fiber bicycle crank was designed to maximize stiffness and minimize weight and use of metal inserts.




Design of an aerodynamic handlebar for a triathelon bicycle





Bicycle Stem

All-composite bicycle stem designed for True Temper Sports





Monocoque Frame Design

Optimized design of an extremely light bicycle frame, manufactured in one piece




Non-Conductive Cutting Tool

Developing a safe, but lightweight tool for cutting tree branches near hydro-electric power lines. Several material alternatives were considered in order to save weight, yet keep the major part of the shaft non-conductive for safety.








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